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The Ripperologists
By John Gaspard

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The Ripperologists Book Cover Image Short Film Collection
By Joshua Patrick Dudley & Rachel Alexandria Arnold

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These Whispered Stories
By Matt Shaw

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Be Happy, Bitch Book Cover Image

Folk Horror Revival: Corpse Roads
By Folk Horror Revival

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Folk Horror Revival: Corpse Roads Book Cover Image

By Shawn Atkins

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Eons Book Cover Image

By Ross Jeffery

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Juniper Book Cover Image

Lost Voices
By Anthology

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Lost Voices Book Cover Image

Odes to the Multiverse
By Tonya Moore

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Odes to the Multiverse Book Cover Image

By Aiden Merchant

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Pray Book Cover Image

Beyond The Grave
By Samie Sands

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Beyond The Grave Book Cover Image

Weird Tales 1924 April
By Weird Tales Magazine

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Weird Tales 1924 April Book Cover Image

Timor: Volume III
By Sarah J Dhue

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Mind Body Home Book Cover Image

Be Afraid...

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Explore Lulu's collection of weird, scary, and horrific stories. Delve into the best of our indie bookstore's most terrifying authors. Or become one today!

Ready for the best and most frightening short fiction? Then you're ready for Lulu's Share Your Scare Anthology! Every year, just before Halloween, we ask you to tell us your best scary stories. The team at Lulu reads them and selects the most frightening for our Anthology!

Silent Screams 2
By H.G. Evans

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Silent Screams 2 Book Cover Image

Longshot Island: Exit Point
By Daniel White

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Longshot Island: Exit Point Book Cover Image

Grave Warnings II: Hob House
By Anthology

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Grave Warnings II: Hob House Book Cover Image

Meet the 2020 Share Your Scare Winners

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Share Your Scare Volume 1: A Lulu Anthology
By Team Lulu

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Share Your Scare Volume 1: A Lulu Anthology Book Cover Image

Share Your Scare Volume 2: A Lulu Anthology
By Team Lulu

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Share Your Scare Volume 2: A Lulu Anthology Book Cover Image

Share Your Scare Volume 3: A Lulu Anthology
By Team Lulu

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Grave Warnings II: Hob House Book Cover Image

Past Winners

Share Your Scare Past Winners
Share Your Scare Volume 4; A Lulu Anthology

Share Your Scare Volume 4: A Lulu Anthology
By Team Lulu

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Share Your Scare Flash Fiction Contest 2020 Winners
Michael ArchambaultLouise AudriethH.G. EvansBeth ElliottSarah J DhueErica DamonLogan KneaskermAimeé LamadridEileen NashJeff ProvineEJ RobinsonLuz RosalesJames T. SappAriella SextonAnji SmithSamuel O. SpoonerShell St. JamesLilly C. TaylorAdeana TerrillKay Valade

(Campfire Stories)


Show Winners

Graydon Archer was born and raised in Presque Isle, Maine, and currently resides in Ohio. He has co-authored a self-published book, "Fifty Shades of Graydon and Doug", and is currently working on his second book, "Poems of a Northern Heart".

Graydon Archer


I'm a night owl in Seattle, WA that loves reading scary stories because I'm too much of a scaredy cat to watch horror movies. I like crocheting, tacos, napping, and imagining stories faster than I can write them.

Shelley Stein

Hide and Seek

Karen Chaparro is a college student who loves to write. She writes fantasy short stories and free verse poetry in her spare time. She went out of her comfort zone by writing a villanelle in her poem "Whoever Said it Was Halloween".

Karen Chaparro

Whoever Said It Was Halloween?

Laura Peters grew up in the Pennsylvania hills. She wrote her first stories before her scribbles could be recognized as English, and her mother bound them into books with a sewing machine. Laura has been writing ever since.

Laura Peters

Tickle Tickle

Taylor Rae is a recently-reformed mountain troll who is trying out city living. She holds her Bachelor's degrees in psychology and English literature from the University of Idaho. Her writing has appeared in Hexagon and All Worlds Wayfarer.

Taylor Rae

The Mess You've Made
Predators and Prey

Martin H. Samuel is a professional drummer, lyricist, poet, author award-winning published and recorded songwriter proud of his band's commemorative brick, 20 rows directly above 'John', in the Liverpool Cavern Wall of Fame.

Martin H. Samuel

Something's Jumping In The Pumpkin Patch

Chelsie is an 11 year old 6th grader in western New York. She is a middle child with two sisters. She likes to read and write fantasy, poetry, and everything. She wants to be a famous writer in the future.

Chelsie Wells

The Attic Ghost

Mr. Sapp rhymes in his head. Two thousand poems, it’s been said! A friend asked, “Do you think that way?” “In rhymes? Don’t you?” was all he’d say.

James T. Sapp

Raven's View

Allison Xu is a freshman at Walter Johnson High School in Maryland. Her work has been published by Germ Magazine, 50-Word Stories, and 'We Can Still Connect' Anthology. She has won a Gold Key and a Silver Key in the Scholastic Writing Competition.

Allison Xu


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