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21st Century Ghost Stories: Volume II
By Paul Guernsey & Andy Paciorek

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21st Century Ghost Stories: Volume II Cover Image

Ghostly Rites Anthology 2020
By Ghostly Rites Crew

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Ghostly Rites Anthology 2020 Book Cover Image

Into the Night
By Caroline Giammanco

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Into the Night Book Cover Image

To the Heart of the Dark
By Emmet Kiernan

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To the Heart of the Dark Book Cover Image

The Forest Speaks My Name
By Leann DeFelice

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The Forest Speaks My Name Book Cover Image

Silent Screams 3
By H.G. Evans

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Silent Screams 3 Book Cover Image

The Daniel Gates Adventures
By Frazer Lee

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The Daniel Gates Adventures Book Cover Image

Whispers in the Walls
By Tennessee Horror News

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Whispers in the Walls Book Cover Image

13 Creepy Rhymes
By James T. Sapp

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13 Creepy Rhymes Cover Image

Ten Tales of October
By Josh Hill

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10 Tales of October Book Cover Image

Below Deck
By Matt Shaw

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Below Deck Book Cover Image

Making Friends
By Die Booth

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Making Friends Book Cover Image

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Explore Lulu's collection of weird, scary, and horrific stories. Delve into the best of our indie bookstore's most terrifying authors. Or become one today!

Ready for the best and most frightening short fiction? Then you're ready for Lulu's Share Your Scare Anthology! Every year, just before Halloween, we ask you to tell us your best scary stories. The team at Lulu reads them and selects the most frightening for our Anthology!

The Fourth BHF Book of Horror Stories
By Darrell Buxton

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The Fourth BHF Book of Horror Stories Book Cover Image

Scarred For Life Volume Two
By Stephen Brotherstone & Dave Lawrence

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Scarred For Life Volume Two Book Cover Image

Speculations III: Poetry from the Weird Poets Society 2020
By Frank Coffman

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Speculations III: Poetry from the Weird Poets Society 2020 Book Cover Image

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Share Your Scare Volume 1: A Lulu Anthology
By Team Lulu

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Share Your Scare Volume 1: A Lulu Anthology Book Cover Image

Share Your Scare Volume 2: A Lulu Anthology
By Team Lulu

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Share Your Scare Volume 2: A Lulu Anthology Book Cover Image

Share Your Scare Volume 3: A Lulu Anthology
By Team Lulu

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Share Your Scare Volume 3: A Lulu Anthology

Past Winners

Share Your Scare Past Winners
Share Your Scare Volume 5; A Lulu Anthology

Share Your Scare Volume 5: A Lulu Anthology
By Team Lulu

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Share Your Scare Flash Fiction Contest 2021 Winners
Show Winners

Andrea Alghalith's favorite holiday is Halloween. She lives in Champaign, Illinois with two cats. When she's not writing about giant spiders, creepy dolls, or murderous mannequins, she teaches reading at a private school.

Andrea Alghalith

Share Your Scare Winner

Stay After Closing

Diane L. Andersen has always loved Autumn and Halloween long before the current “pumpkin spice” craze. When a leftover pumpkin took root by her back door, it became the inspiration for a ghostly tale.

Diane L Andersen

Share Your Scare Winner


Jerry Bradshaw is from Pontiac, Michigan. When he was a teen, he played "Horror Movie" on the streets after dark with his cousin - using a real butcher's knife. He was only stopped by police once. He lives with his 18-year-old calico cat, Bhadra.

Jerry Bradshaw

Share Your Scare Winner

Devils of Miscreation

Claudia Cage is a Veterinary Assistant who unfortunately resides in the Midwest. When not reading, writing, or wrangling dogs, she can be found brooding on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Claudia Cage

Share Your Scare Winner

All Is Well In Camp Cults

I work by day and by night, I am a fantasy writer, living the dream…. In my head. I love to share my stories with anyone willing to take the time to read them.

Melinda Care

Share Your Scare Winner

Parlor Games

Romualdo R. Chavez is a writer from the Land of Oz. In 2009, he debuted his first novel, El Vampiro and the Curse of the Feathered Serpent and has contributed chapters for the Topeka Shawnee County Public Library Community Novel Project.

Romualdo Chavez

Share Your Scare Winner


I have been writing for a long time but not publishing yet. I live in the wilder, darker parts of the western states.

Delores Darke

Share Your Scare Winner

Safety First

A lifelong reader and writer, Denna Cole has always been drawn to stories of all kinds. While experienced in both technical writing and creative fiction, she is new to the horror genre and hopes to engage readers with her short story “12:01 a.m.”

Denna Cole

Share Your Scare Winner

12:01 a.m.

Radar is a horror movie and novel enthusiast who resides in Wichita, Kansas. When he's not living in his own nightmares, he's writing horrifying tales to help others find theirs.

Radar DeBoard

Share Your Scare Winner


Abby likes to spend time with her husband, stepkids, and two pit bull rescues. Her day job is in marketing, but she writes short stories and paints custom animal portraits in her spare time.

Abby I. Draper

Share Your Scare Winner


J. Dupont is a science fiction writer and poet disguised as a coastal hermit. She believes old things create new perspectives.

J. Dupont

Share Your Scare Winner

What Came out of the Moon

J. D. Edwards is the award-winning author of The Faerie Chronicles, Killing Time, Dry Bones, The Phantom Seer, and Indomitable. Since 2012, J. D. has published over 50 genealogy articles in the US & UK and has won 12 writing contests.

J. D. Edwards

Share Your Scare Winner

The Soul Reaper

I love to write books, along with my brother, Julian. We often work on books together, and we call ourselves The B.S. Team. I love animals so much, and currently have one dog, four cats, and two turtles. Yes, my life is busy, but I often enjoy it!

Kira Henson

Share Your Scare Winner

Poetry in the Cemetery

John Kiste is a horror writer and Edgar Allan Poe impersonator. He can be found at

John Kiste

Share Your Scare Winner

Sixty Feet of Alley

G.A. Miller takes his ideas from every day, commonplace events that take unforeseen turns down dark corridors, often with horrific consequences. His lifelong bond with horror began in the late 1950s watching Shock Theater on TV and grew from there.

G.A. Miller

Share Your Scare Winner

The White Death

Don Money was raised in Arkansas on a farm. After ten years in the Air Force, he returned to his roots in Arkansas. He is married with five kids. His journey to become a writer began in the sixth grade when he wrote his first short story.

Don Money

Share Your Scare Winner

Dunmere Field

Robyn Minter is an avid reader and writer who lives in Texas. She wrote her first story well before she could properly spell, and discovered the irreplaceable feeling of creating a world all your own.

Robyn Minter

Share Your Scare Winner


Victoria Nuzzi is a young new American author and poet from Virginia. She normally writes about science fiction, fantasy, and horror as seen in her new poetry book An Astonishing Supernatural world.

Victoria Nuzzi

Share Your Scare Winner

My Home

I have been writing since 2014 and write epic fantasy and military suspense. In my free time, I enjoy reading and spending time with my wife and two dogs. My author's website is and I have a podcast titled That Writer Guy Podcast.

Lyman Rate

Share Your Scare Winner

The Kid Skin

Stephen Sanders is a man who writes in many voices – cowboy, Steampunk, and pirate to name a few! He first became associated with Lulu in 2008. If you want to know more, search for “Stephen Sanders poetry” or go to!

Stephen Sanders

Share Your Scare Winner

Survival Mode

Terry Case Sendek has a BFA degree in Photography and Metalsmithing from Penn State University. She has an MFA degree in Metalsmithing and Book Arts from Arizona State University. She has taught Art in many media and has shown her work worldwide.

Terry Case Sendek

Share Your Scare Winner

Through The Veil

Samuel O. Spooner publishes both compelling novels and short stories. His works,18-Karat Karma & The California Kids Who Saved Cosmic Civilization, are available worldwide. Check out his website

Samuel Spooner

Share Your Scare Winner

The Nightmare on Calle Diablo

Blake Stafford is a poet and writer from Washington DC. This is her first time being published. Blake is almost done writing her debut novella. When she is not writing, Blake likes to spend her time taking photos and watching Marvel movies.

Blake Stafford

Share Your Scare Winner


This is Hope Stockton’s first published literary work with more to come. She is also the voice talent for the Spotify sweet and spooky storytelling podcast Grimm Gardenia. Follow on Instagram @grimm.gardenia

Hope Stockton

Share Your Scare Winner

Existential Speculations of an Epiphtye

I am a happily married father of two boys living in the Buffalo, New York area. Also a recently retired high school physics teacher and Navy veteran with the desire to one day be a successful author.

Tim Williamson

Share Your Scare Winner

My First, And Only, Halloween

M.J. Weisen is a fiction writer living in Wake Forest, NC with his wife and two children. He earned his MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Tampa. He has published works in anthologies from Brilliant Flash Fiction and Daily Prompt.

M.J. Weisen

Share Your Scare Winner

Raw Land

James Wymore searched for monsters as a teen. He doesn’t remember finding any, but began hearing voices. Only banishing them to the page quiets them. Hear them in his bestselling Actuator series and Windows Into Hell.

James Wymore

Share Your Scare Winner

The Calling

Share Your Scare Volume 4: A Lulu Anthology
By Team Lulu

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Share Your Scare Volume 4: A Lulu Anthology
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